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Stringham Dentistry aims to provide friendly small town like hospitality, while maintaining the training and technology of big city dentistry.  At Stringham Dentistry our patients matter and our goal is to provide them and their families with the best care. Stringham Dentistry has served the south side of Edmonton for over 32 years and two generations of dentists and does not advertise. As a family run practice  we  know that our best referrals come from our satisfied patients, and that is why we strive to be available for our patients  when they need us.   
Testimonials and Photos

Stringham Dentistry has removed all testimonials and before/ after treatment pictures from our website to comply with the guidelines of the Alberta Dental Association as outlined below. 

Due to these legal restrictions with sharing our patients testimonials we encourage those interested in Stringham Dentistry to talk to our patients about their experience, and to also talk to our staff and meet Dr. Stringham who always makes time to greet new patients. 

Alberta Dental Association and College:
Guide for Advertising and Promotional Activities for Alberta Dentists 

Section 5 subsection b.

Testimonials present a biased, one dimensional and enthusiastic personal commentary about a
person's experience with a dentist. Testimonials do not present a balanced commentary about
the risks and benefits of treatment, or a patient's negative experience or opinion about a dentist.
Testimonials are not objectively verifiable and are considered inherently misleading. Testimonials
must not be used to advertise or promote dental services.25 Advertising maps to identify the
residence of a dentist's patient population is considered to be part of a testimonial and is not

Before and After photos are considered a visual testimonial because they represent an assurance
of quality and outcome by the dentist and satisfaction by the patient. The photos capture a
moment in time of a smiling face and represent an emotional appeal. Like a written testimonial,
Before and After photos are inherently misleading as they may create unreasonable expectations
about the results that can be achieved, the complexity of a particular case and the ultimate
function of the resulting treatment. Before and After photos must not be used to advertise or
promote dental services.