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With Cerec You Now Have a Choice!

Cerec provides the convenience of having dental crowns completed in a single appointment, requires no messy impressions, no temporary crowns, and no need for second injections! Treatment time for a Cerec same-day crown is usually around 2 hours and you leave your appointment you will have an attractive esthetic tooth colored crown or restoration that not only feels good but also has the strength to provide years of function.  

Step by Step of How Cerec Works
  • Your tooth is prepped removing any decay and rough areas.

  • A reflective powder layer is applied to the tooth.

  • A  small camera is used to takes a 3D image of the tooth.

  • The images are used by the CEREC software to propagate a proposed digital crown to replace the missing areas of tooth.

  • The dentist makes adjustments to the digital crown.

  • When the dentist is happy with the digital crown he sends the information to a milling chamber containing a ceramic block which  is then shaped into a crown by diamond-coated cutting burs. 

  • When the milling is complete the dentist tries the crown in.

  • When the fit is verified the new crown is bonded to the tooth.

  • A curing is used to set the bonding material permanently securing the crown.

  • A final polishing or glazing is performed to remove any excess bond and to provide a smooth, natural feel.

Benefits of the Cerec Same Day Crown

Cerec crown and other cerec restorations such as inlays, onlays and veneers provide you with a esthetic tooth coloured restoration, that also has longevity, strength and a natural feel.

Questions About our Same Day Cerec Crowns?

Call us at (780) 437-0919 or contact us by email dmd@stringham.ca, we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding cerec - same day crown dental services, and help you determine if this service is right for your individual needs.

Same Day Crowns